Hi Tamers,
We are going to have routine maintenance at Server Time 01:00 on 7th Nov.
It will take 2 hours. (If the maintenance delays, plz wait patiently)
Please adjust your game time~
Maintenance compensation will be sent to all servers via in-game email after maintenance finished.
Thank you for your support and understanding, hope you enjoy yourself~
▶️[WEEKEND EVENTS]▶️: Server Time 05:00 8th Oct-05:00 11th Oct. (UTC-5)

  1. Recharge to get P16 weapon box(choose 1 from 4) & P17 weapon box(choose 1 from 4) & resources. (FRI to SUN)
    Requirement: Servers open for more than 8 days.

  2. Consume diamonds to get resources and weapon(choose 1 from 4). (FRI to SUN)
    Requirement: Servers open for more than 11 days.

  3. RED DRAW(SOUL BOX) to get Plutomon. (FRI to SUN)

  4. Finish the Elite Stage of specified times to get gifts. (FRI & SAT)
    Requirement: Servers open for more than 2 days.

  5. Purification must see Plutomon and get shards of Plutomon. (SAT & SUN)

  6. Terriermon Blessing (GOLD). (FRI to SUN)

  7. Finish Skill Challenge to get double loots .(SUN & SAT)

  8. Go down(SAT & SUN)

  9. Devimon assistant Bubblegum Machine. (MON to WED)
    2.Consume diamonds to get Devimon shards and Weapon(choose 1 from 4). (MON to WED)

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