Star Digimon Analysis – Venusmon


Attack: ★★★★
Defense: ★★★★★
Trials: ★★★★★
Arena: ★★★★★
Challenger: ★★★★
Nightmare: ★★★★★
Ultimate Skill: ★★★★★
Passive Skill: ★★★★★

[Digimon Rankings]
Peaceful Melody and part of the Olympus 12, the goddess Venusmon. Probably the best supporter till date so let’s quickly dive into her skills description below.

[Skill Analysis]
Basic skill: Love you
“Reset the seduced counter back to 2 rounds, unable to purify target’s seduced debuff.”
This is actually combined with her ultimate skill for a more deadly combo, since her ulti has seduce effect but can be purify by Examon. But if seduced targets are being hit by this skill, the seduced debuff will become unable to purify. However, it only last for 2 rounds and the seduced debuff will go away automatically after that. But Mysto, what do you mean by reset the seduced counter? Well, you can’t possibly cast ulti and basic skill at the same time right? So there will be times where you just casted your ulti and there is no basic skill activation, the counter goes on until your basic skill hits the seduced target, say 2 rounds later before the effect ends, the counter gets reset from 0 to 2 rounds again, but the difference this time is that it can’t be purify. Get it?

Ultimate skill: Peaceful Melody
“The seduced debuff gets spreaded to the remaining enemies.” This means that the seduced debuff now applies to all enemies on the field everytime she cast ultimate instead of just vertical row. Her ultimate damage still applies to vertical row only, just like how Examon’s ultimate works, attacks vertically but ATK debuffs applies to all enemies after 3 rounds. A point to take note, if seduced targets are not purified before she ulti again, they get seduced again for 2 rounds but this time unable to purify, same goes with her basic skill which I mentioned earlier on. Pair this with her darkness soul, casting 1 ultimate every 2 rounds shouldn’t be an issue.

Passive skill:
“Gives 2 random allies blessings, allies who received this blessing will survive with 1 HP after suffering from critical damage (does not activate revive), will still continue to attack the following turn and dies after that. So what it does is delaying their death by 1 round, which is crucial since you can still deal some serious damage before dying next turn, like casting any basic skill or ultimate, plus their ATK gets boosted 25% with this blessing, packs a punch indeed. How does this apply on Digimon with revive skill? For e.g, Alphamon, the cycle goes like this,
-Alpha gets blessing and survived
-Alpha does whatever it needs to do next round and dies
-Alpha revives again
Hope that makes it easier to understand.

Judging from all her skills, she can be said to be the strongest support Digimon as of now. Even able to counter Flame Genesis team plus her annoying blessings which delays death by 1 round. And with her being darkness soul, she’s a good addition to Dark Genesis or 4 souls team. Another thing worth mentioning is that she doesn’t have evolution line, so even a 3 or 4 star Venusmon can also look very pretty! Lastly, if you can afford her weapon, please get it as it boost almost twice as much chance to seduce her target. If not just wait for the 40k spending event during red draw when it comes in future as her weapon is now considered to be the most crucial one to have among all bosses. Cheers~
-GM Mystogan-