Star Digimon Analysis – Belphemon


Attack: ★★★★★
Defense: ★★★★★
Trials: ★★★★★
Arena: ★★★★★
Challenger: ★★★★★
Nightmare: ★★★★★
Ultimate Skill: ★★★★★
Passive Skill: ★★★★★

[Digimon Rankings]
The sleeping devil with an angry roar. You wont wanna see him in his true form. Let’s take a look at his skills below.
[Advantages & Disadvantages]
Basic Skill: Single target.
Reduce target's dmg reduction by 20%. Gives additional dmg base on target's DEF.
If Belphemon's HP is greater than 50%, increase skill's dmg by 30%.
If Belphemon's HP is less than 50%, increase lifesteal by 25%.

Ultimate Skill: Single target.
Reduce target's dmg reduction and black rate by 10%.
Activates a Darkness Charge on self. Each charge increases ATK and DEF by 5%.
The more times your opponent uses their Ultimate Skill, increase the dmg of Belphemon's Ultimate Skill (by up to +36%).

Passive: When an ally dies, increase Fury regen speed by 17.9% (last 3 turns).
Start the battle with 2 markings on himself. When doing normal attacks or casting basic skill, you gain one marking. Has random chance to gain another marking as the number of rounds increase(until max stacks is reached) .
If there are 3 or more charges at the start of each round, obtain a Sleeping Bubble Shield.
The bubble shield's strength is based on the number of charges (max +40% HP). Sleeping Bubble Shields provide control immunity.
Opponents killed by Belphemon have their revive chance significantly reduced (Digimon with 100% revive chance not effected).

His passive is the biggest selling point. Able to absorb a significant amount of damage, normal damage are unable to break the shield, only critical DMG can break this evil pig’s shield. His shield also allows him to be immune to all CCs, so you are unable to control him while he is asleep. For example, if your Lekismon was able to silence him in the previous round, and his shield activates this round, Belphemon will break free of the silence effect upon casting his shield. To add on, Belphemon is a beast in challengers. Even though his 1st ulti might seems a little lackluster upon casting, his 2nd ulti will rain hell on you. You’ll feel the agony like how Lionel Messi missed his penalty kick in their first world cup opening game. As long as his shield is up most of the time, he is as OP as Yggdrasil, surpassing Jesmon in 1v1.

For those who already gotten him, he will fit well in a 4 souls team or fire genesis team. Whales can go ahead to unlock his 6th genetics in future for more insane DPS during battle.

-GM Mystogan-