Star Digimon Analysis – Alphamon


Star Digimon Analysis – Alphamon

Attack: ★★★★★
Defense: ★★★★★
Trials: ★★★★★
Arena: ★★★★★
Challenger: ★★★★★
Nightmare: ★★★★★
Ultimate Skill: ★★★★★
Passive Skill: ★★★★★

[Digimon Rankings]
Leader of the royal knights. Alphamon is the first pot 17 boss that is being release in our game and probably the strongest till date. Most nickname her as “Lady Alpha”. Let’s discuss below how strong exactly is her.

[Advantages & Disadvantages]
High stats growth -
Since Alphamon is pot 17, her high potential will means her ATK/DEF/HP will have very high limits and she can easily break 200k BP without a sweat.

Prefect base stats for a Def type -
For a DEF type digimon, the most important base stats are DMG immune, block rate & crit resist. Alphamon’s base stats are crit resist 15%, block rate 15%, DMG rate 15%, DMG immune 15%. As you can see her base stats are incredibly high, especially crit resist, beating Craniumon with only 6% crit resist as base stat. Once Alphamon is 6*, her DMG immune when equipped with all reduction matrix, can easily go over 50% or even becoming the first digimon to go beyond 60% DMG immune.

100% revive chance in arena –
Alphamon’s passive lets her revive once if the field has 3 or more pot 16 digimons(Includes both your team and your opponent’s). Therefore, this condition can be easily met and the revive rate is 100%, unlike other digimons like Devimon that depends on RNG to revive. After she revives, her HP bar will be back at half which means by default her HP bar is 1.5x in total.

Fully immune to control –
Her passive also allows her to be immune to all sorts of controls, including stun, paralyze, frozen, silence, fury reduction burns etc. She will be a nightmare for veedramon + exveemon since they can’t burn her.

1st skill and ultimate has reduce DMG buff –
A good DEF type digimon must have the ability to soak lots of DMG received. Alphamon’s 1st skill has a chance to activate a reduce DMG buff that last for 2 rounds. When this buff kicks in, it will be display as blocked or DMG resist when you received DMG, something similar to what Lekismon and Craniumon has. Alphamon’s ultimate also increases her ATK and DEF by 20%(increases with skill lvl) and it increases even further depending on how many times opponents casted their ultimate skills.(up to 30%) In addition, Alphamon can also steal healing effects from Devimon, Gankoomon etc and regains self HP when casting her ultimate.

Gain access to lots of control ability -
Alphamon’s first skill attacks vertically, reduces 50% fury gain of enemy digimons, stealing ultimate effects of random opponent digimon and cast it during ultimate to control them. Meaning to say, she can steal from Veedramon’s burn effects, Lekismon’s freezing effect, Piedmon’s puppet effect, Exveemon’s burn effects and so on. Although the stolen effects are pirated, it still makes Alphamon a decent digimon with crowd control.

Advance light soul -
Alphamon’s soul is none other than the fastest soul regain type, advance light soul, gaining 180 fury at max level. Since she is immune to all controls, you can expect her to cast ultimate once every 2 rounds on average, sometimes 1 ultimate per round if she gets hit more.

3rd skill boost ATK and HP –
Her 3rd skill increases her ATK and HP, which makes her even more fearsome in attacking and survivability. Comparing to other pot 16 bosses 3rd skill, Alphamon’s stats increases much higher.

Definitely suitable for anybody if you can get your hands on her. As the first pot 17 digimon, she deserves her title of being the strongest till date. Good luck with your bid wars coming this weekend!

                           -GM Mystogan-