Omegamon has arrived!


The highlight for this weekend will be none other than Omegamon’s arrival. The most popular and anticipated digimon among all tamers and even better for F2P/low vip players since he is technically a free p16 boss at the start as everybody will be able to get through fusion.

Firstly, getting his breakthrough for 5 star and 7 star will increase his potential, being p16+ at 5star and finally p17 at 7 star. Although everybody is able to get him, that doesn’t mean he is a common and weak digimon. On the contrary, he is super strong once he attained his breakthrough. Let’s discuss some of his skills below,

1st skill – 100% cast rate for 1st turn, increase self crit rate 25% for 3 rounds, reduce opponent 1st skill cast rate by 25% for 2 rounds, also includes 25% stun rate and attacks vertical row. After casting his 1st skill, there is a 20% chance for him to cast it again. (Imagine this gets casted for 3-5 times in a row, JESUS!)

Ultimate skill – Attacks vertical row, absorbs target 25% crit dmg and 25% def, leaving a burn effect on targets which reduce 7% hp lasting for 2 rounds, also reduces target fury by 300. Although his ulti doesn’t feel as OP as his 1st skill, the debuff he gives to opponents and the buffs you gain is actually decent, as well as dealing decent ult dmg.

His 2 other passive skills – 3rd skill buffs his ATK and HP at the same time, 4th skill is every round it will randomly purify 1 debuff on your ally and absorb it to increase self HP or ATK, at the start of the 3rd round, he becomes totally immune to all CCs and burning effects until the end of battle. This is quite similar comparing to Examon’s purify passive.

Upon getting Omegamon from fusion, he is only 3* to begin with. And of course being a fusion digimon, you can’t use G Shards to star up him. His shards can only be obtained through the usual exchanging process. Even though the progress might seems slow, that’s the essence of this game, taking time to progress and building up your favorite digimons. However, if diamonds are not an issue for you, by all means buy more chances to exchange more shards per day to speed up the progress. His spar requirements for advancement are categorized as P17 boss, which means you’ll need lots of materials so be ready to farm them.

Omegamon can fit in any formation be it 4 souls to dark/fire genesis. As mentioned before in previous guides, it all depends on what formation you decided to stick with or can afford. Gentle reminder for 4 souls formation players, his soul is consider as flame soul so do take note of that! OMYGAWDMON, here I come! =D

                  By - GM Mystogan