Star Digimon Analysis – EXAMON


Star Digimon Analysis – Examon

Attack: ★★★★
Defense: ★★★★★
Trials: ★★★★★
Arena: ★★★★★
Challenger: ★★★★
Nightmare: ★★★★★
Ultimate Skill: ★★★★★
Passive Skill: ★★★★★
[Digimon Rankings]
The almighty king of dragon, genesis core.
Examon is a huge support digimon and also considered as the genesis core. His usefulness will depends on who you pair it with in your formation. Many of the players believes that the release of Examon will finally put an end to the domination of 4 souls formation, since 4 souls double V (Exvee + Veedra) formation has been dominating for months already with high dmg reduction and control rate.But his fiery flames will engulfed them and burn all to ashes.

[Advantages & Disadvantages]
Let’s take a look at some of his skills below -

Basic Skill: Single target.
If Fury is greater than 50%, deal 70% more dmg to target.
If Fury is less than 50%, absorb 150 Fury from target.

Ultimate Skill: Vertical targets.
Mark targets with Dragon's Marking for 3 rounds. Marked targets will have -7% ATK and -7% Dmg Rate. Target Examon and Apollomon series cannot be marked if this skill is used durings rounds 1-2.
Examon deals 25% more dmg to marked targets.
All allies have debuff immunity increased by 20%.
On rounds 3+, Ultimate Skill deals X% instead and all enemies become marked with Dragon's Marking.

Passive: Increase self-Block rate by 35% (2 rounds, increases with level).
At the start of each turn, cleanse 1 random ally's control effect (including frozen, paralysis, stun, silence, reduce fury's flame).
If ally team consists of more than 2 of the same soul type, Examon will obtain this soul type's effect and activate genesis buff, increasing team’s block rate by 35%.(self-excluded for 2 rounds)

Awakened Weapon: Marked targets will have -10% ATK and -10% Dmg Rate. Skill buffed
All allies deal 35% more dmg to marked targets. Skill buffed
All allies have debuff immunity increased by 30%. Skill buffed

Soul: Empty Soul.
Recover 85 Fury each round (180 at Lv20).
For each soul level, increase 150 ATK (Lv20 = 20x150 = +3,000 ATK).
This soul is not applied for 4-type soul effects.

Examon’s purify is indeed an advantage created to counter double V formation. And because of this, many players are slowly removing Exveemon from their team and eventually Veedramon as their control/burn effects will deem useless as more new bosses with purify/control immune passive gets released.

Suitable for mid-high VIP players who plans to for sake 4 souls formation and venture into genesis formation.

Players often have this question in mind, “so which path should I go? Fire or Dark?” That ultimately depends on which digimons you have currently in your team and how to build it around with Examon to form the infamous Dark or Fire genesis. If you have Dynasmon the dark core and not planning to change him anytime soon, then definitely go towards Dark genesis. Likewise, if you have more flame digimons like Dukemon, Lekismon or Veedramon, you can lean more towards Fire genesis with examon. That’s how versatile Examon is as he will be what soul type you want him to be.

In conclusion, make full use of what you have currently and decide whether or not Examon is suitable for your team.