Star Digimon Analysis – Gankoomon


Star Digimon Analysis – Gankoomon

Attack: ★★★★★
Defense: ★★★★★
Trials: ★★★★★
Arena: ★★★★★
Challenger: ★★★★★
Nightmare: ★★★★★
Ultimate Skill: ★★★★★
Passive Skill: ★★★★★
[Digimon Rankings]
4 souls enhancement, surpass the future.
Gankoomon can be consider as another core of 4 souls formation, giving him bonus buffs if your team has 4 different soul types. Not only that, he also increases the whole team’s control rate and DMG immune rate. This will greatly improve your team’s survivability in all sorts of instance.

[Advantages & Disadvantages]
Gankoomon control effect is very useful, especially after awakening his weapon. Let’s take a look below.

Ultimate skill:
After awakening weapon – He gains 20% stun rate to target and surrounding units. His initial splash DMG also increased from 15% to 20%. Not only that, his team buff also increases to 25% control rate and 12% DMG immune rate for 2 rounds. (Initially is 20% and 10% respectively) Self heal effect remain unchanged, equals to his ATK*80%+HP (HP amount is base on skill level)

Basic skill:
His first skill uses the most popular MEME, “FLIP TABLE” as his animation and deals DMG to targets vertically. Also self heal HP equals to his ATK*30%+1700 HP (base on skill level 85). At the same time, he can burn targets for 2 rounds, causing 6% max HP loss and 40% healing reduction.

Passive skill:
Reduces ATK type digimon attack by 20% (base on skill level 85) and cannot be stack with similar passive effect like Gatomon series. When the following 4 souls are present, Gankoomon gains additional buffs on the field.
Flame soul – Increase self ATK by 12%
Courage soul – Increase start fury by 220
Darkness soul – Increase self lifesteal by 12%
Light soul – Increase self DEF by 15%
Meaning to say, Gankoomon’s passive is heavily dependent on 4 souls formation.

Gankoomon is advance darkness soul, so at max lvl he regains 192 fury everytime he attacks and regains 48 fury for every attack he receives. If placed at front row, it basically means he can cast 1 ulti every 2 rounds if he doesn’t get controlled.

In arena, an awakened Gankoomon with weapon can be very devastating with his control rate. Due to his splash effect, if his ulti lands on first row middle target, it means 4 targets will get hit. And if RNG goddess is on your side, you can stun up to 4 targets! How sick is that? Even if you’re unlucky, at least 1 target will still be stun. The splash DMG itself is very painful, especially if you crit the main target. This is because if initial DMG is crit, then splash DMG will also be crit. However, if initial DMG is being blocked, then splash DMG will also be blocked, dealing less DMG.

His passive is also huge bonus, decreasing 20% ATK of ATK type digimon, which I believe most players formation still have at least 3-4 ATK type digimons. This effect is even better than Gatomon’s ATK reduction passive, reducing a lot more of their ATK and using his ulti effect to increase your team DMG immune rate, having the best of both world to last longer in battles. Therefore, Gankoomon is a great addition to your team in arena if you’re currently using Piedmon 4 souls formation.

For challenger, Gankoomon can be use to counter any DEF type digimon since his basic and ulti both have self healing effects, making him invincible. You can also use him against ATK type like Piedmon if you’re feeling lucky, since he will regain fury faster and ulti to heal back if Piedmon fails to kill you in 1 round. Gankoomon can sometimes turn the tables unexpectedly so don’t be surprised! (Probably that’s why he does FLIP TABLE in his basic skill, hehe)

Suitable for all players who are playing 4 souls formation currently or plans to do so.
In conclusion, Gankoomon is the 2nd core of 4 souls, as his existence greatly enhance the current 4 souls meta teams control rate and survivability.
Gankoomon definitely lives up to the title of, “The manliest Royal knight in the digital world” OTOKO!!!

              Provided by GM Mystogan