What resources should be saved for which events?


What resources should be saved for which events?
Let's have a look~

Question 1: Besides saving keys and diamonds in this game, what else is worth saving?
Allow me to break it down for you.

1) Gold - There will sometimes be gold spending events which requires 10-30m. This is not too difficult as you should be earning decent amount of gold daily, just that sometimes you spend faster than what you earn. It’s recommended that you always keep 10-30m as reserves to save for a rainy day.

2) Keys - This is mainly for opening equipment chest event, which includes event like 7 days carnival or opening 250 chests for shards and weapon. Such event occurs randomly.

3) Soul essence - This is often used for event like 7 days carnival, where your task is to up soul level 80 times. Not really important to have since you can always use blue batteries instead.

4) Divine weapon fragments - Often use in 7 days carnival as well. But since you normally get some while completing task from 7 days carnival, you can just save a small amount daily and accumulate.

5) Star up digimon - 1 of the task requirement for your monthly exchange event. Make sure to keep a few to complete the star up task monthly in order to get that 1 golden badge daily.

6) Vitality potions - Mainly for 2x drop event, 240x normal instance challenge event or special drops event while farming normal instance. Don’t use them unless needed.

7) Diamonds – Mainly for diamond spending events, Soul box red draw and bid wars. You can save and spend wisely during certain spending events to get pot 16 weapons if needed.

Question 2: Should I save diamonds or buy pot 16 boss gift? Boss gift has been showing up in mystery shop and it’s tempting to buy. Some high vip players even said that just buy if you see it in shop, disrupting F2P or lower vip players diamonds saving plans. Should I just buy the 300 diamonds boss blue gift instead of 1200 diamonds boss purple gift?
My advice? I won’t really recommend F2P or low vip players to buy those boss speed gifts. Reasons below.

1) F2P/Low vip players might take longer time to save up diamonds, so it’s better if you spend them on bid wars or soul box red draws to build your ideal team as you won’t have the luxury to have spare diamonds for speed gifts. What’s the use if you buy lots of speed gifts but can’t even form a proper team or get a decent pot 16 boss? Set your priorities right.

2) Another main concern will be terriemon’s blessing every month. If you spend them all on boss speed gifts, will you still have enough to roll max amount every month? You do the math.

3) If you already have a decent formation with a few pot 16 bosses and don’t plan to get anymore, then only you can consider buying some speed gifts for them. After all, speed is still important when it comes to who gets to move first. If moving first still doesn’t make a difference for you, then just save those diamonds for events.

Question 3: How much shards to I get for repeated pot 16 boss in soul box red draw?
Answer: 60 shards

1) Pot 16 boss soul box red draw will cost around 16k-24k diamonds depending on your luck. So if you’re thinking of using this to star up your bosses, forget it because 6-7 stars will require 110k diamonds, which only rich whales can afford.

That’s all for now!

                      Provided by GM Mystogan