Star Digimon Analysis – Craniummon


Star Digimon Analysis – craniummon

Attack: ★★★★
Defense: ★★★★★
Trials: ★★★★★
Arena: ★★★★★
Challenger: ★★★★★
Nightmare: ★★★★
Ultimate Skill: ★★★★★
Passive Skill: ★★★★★
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[Digimon Rankings]
Corresponding to move or move with caution is what the game describe him as. This strategic term is actually derived from a board game called “Go”. You can understand it as him needing end to end support from the team or he is accumulating energy while waiting to strike.

My opinion about him? I’ll say he is the best DEF digimon currently in the game with extraordinary defense stats.

[Advantages & Disadvantages]
Let me break it down into smaller segments to make it clearer for you guys.

--Damage wise—
His 1st ultimate casting dmg is actually quite low, for a 240k BP craniummon to have 350k ulti dmg for 1st casting is already considered not bad in arena. However, he gets stronger the longer he is on the field. After 3 rounds, his ulti will boost his ATK by 40% and 20% fury recovery speed (for those with weapon). Therefore, when you see him cast his ulti the 2nd time, the DMG can go from 300k to 700k, 1m or even 1.5m if he crits.

How about his capability in challengers? A 240k BP cranium in challengers first ulti dmg is only around 250k, second ulti dmg is around 400k. You might be wondering, how is he strong in challengers then? The answer is actually his first skill.
His first skill has a similar buff, after 3 rounds, increase self crit rate 30%. Although his base crit rate is low, there is still a chance for him to deal insane amount of DMG upon critical, even way higher than his ulti DMG. Especially against ATK types since his first skill has +60% DMG bonus against them. When his first skill crits, a 240k BP Cranium can take away close to half HP of a 270k BP Piedmon.

--Defense wise--
Some of you might ask me is craniummon or Apollomon better? I can only say their roles are different. In terms of defense, craniummon is currently the best for sure, not because of his higher stats, we’re talking about his passive skill. His passive has a 47% chance to reduce 47% DMG (near max level), which means there is possibility where he is always getting only half DMG done to him. How broken is that?

But Mysto, I thought Apollo has high defense too? Well I’ll say it’s still manageable. Apollo can last long in battles is due to his healing effects whenever he cast ulti. But if you were to compare him with craniummon in terms of being a meat shield, then craniummon easily takes the cake.

If that’s the case, won’t craniummon be OP with his high immune DMG rate? Well, his weakness is being controlled and chances of controlling him is considerably high. With the current Meta of Ange+Lekis combo and Piedmon, don’t be surprised if your craniummon gets controlled for 4 rounds and just died after that with doing anything.

Although craniummon doesn’t have self-heal effect from his 1st or ultimate skills, his passive actually has that to keep him sustainable. When any of the opposing digimon dies, he gets to regen some HP and purify any debuff on him, which means he gets to move the same turn upon clearing his debuff. This can mitigate his weakness of being control but that will depend on your team’s firepower and DPS to nuke any opposing digimon down.

How much HP can his passive heal? For example, a 240k BP craniummon can heal 350k HP in arena, 250k HP in challengers. The numbers might seem insignificant but like I said earlier, craniummon’s real potential only starts to show after 3 rounds, ATK+40%, fury regen+20%, crit+30%. You’ll come to realise the longer he is alive, the more DPS he does to your opponent. Due to his less explosive nature, having to wait 3 rounds before unleashing his full power, he can only last 1 fight in challengers when facing equal opponents, unless you’re facing ATK types of course.


If you have strong firepower/DPS teammates, he will be your best DEF digimon as of now as his passive can prevent him from being controlled as mention earlier.

His fury regen is basically as fast as Jesmon in challengers. Bright soul lvl 20, increase 96 fury when attacking and increase 96 extra fury when being attack. Pair this with his ultimate effect after 3 rounds in battle, +20% fury regen, he can basically cast ulti every 1-2 rounds, that’s some insane ultimate cast speed! Even faster than me running to the supermarket, hehe.

Some might say his fury regen is slower than Apollomon. Truth is, if your craniummon is under scorching effects, his fury regen will still be faster than Apollomon.

His DMG immune rate is basically the same as Lekismon, if you’re lucky, he will be your Great Wall of China. It all depends on RNG goddess. It’s either very easy to take him down or he can be still standing after every digimon dies.

Definitely suitable for any players, be it F2P or high VIP if you’re lacking a good wall for front row. With that, I shall end here! =)

                 Provided by S1 Mystogan