Current Digimon Soul type


Current Digimon Soul Type

【Courage Soul】
Current digimons with courage soul: Piedmon, Exveemon, Geogreymon, Garurumon, Angewomon, Lobomon, Dark Tyranomon, Beetlemon, Opposumon, Kyubimon, Angemon, Musyamon, Justicemon, Galgomon, Wizardmon, Cherubimon, Lilithmon, Agnimon, Puppetmon.

High level Courage: Agnimon, Angemon, Piedmon

Small recap, max fury is 1000, arena and challenger starts with 660 fury. Which means if you want to cast ultimate 1st round in arena, you’ll need 340 fury. Lvl 1 courage soul starts with additional 115 fury, increase by 15 per lvl. Max lvl will be 400 fury. (lvl 16 will be enough for 1st turn ulti in arena)

High level courage starts at additional 240 fury at lvl 1 and 1000 fury at max lvl, which means they can 1st turn ulti everywhere. Due to this, newcomers or mid level players will prefer using courage team to apply pressure to opponent since they can ulti straightaway. It doesn’t work after mid game since most of the digimon can’t be 1 shotted anymore in arena.

But for Angemon, high speed to ulti first is still useful in arena or mine wars to control your opponents. One more thing to take note is Lekismon, even though she is consider flame soul, she also has courage soul as hybrid which gives her additional 400 fury at max lvl.

【Darkness Soul】
Current digimon with darkness soul: Dynasmon, Jesmon, Apollomon, Duskmon, Seadramon, MarineAngemon, Leomon, Togemon, Aquilamon, Reppamon, Stingmon, Black chessmon, Falcomon.

High level Darkness: Dynasmon

Probably the most favorable soul in the current meta due to Dynasmon being the core of darkness soul.

【Flame Battle Soul】
Current Digimon with flame battle soul: Veedramon, Lekismon, Lalamon, Birdramon, Greymon.

High level Flame: Dukemon - max level recovers 175 fury everytime an ally dies. Enemy digimon dies will give you 75 fury.

*Lekismon has been mentioned in courage soul section
【Light battle soul】

Current digimon with light battle soul:Kumamon, Ikkakumon, Ranamon, Loweemon, Bearmon, Andromon, Ankylomon, Kabuterimon, Tankmon, Pandmon, White chessmon.

High level Light: Devimon, Gaogamon, Chaosmon - gains 180 fury when received dmg at max lvl.

  ---Provided by GM Mystogan