Hi Tamers,
We are going to have routine maintenance at Server Time 01:00 on 4th August.
It will take 2 hours. (If the maintenance time delays, plz wait patiently)
Please adjust your game time~
Maintenance compensation will be sent to all servers via in-game email after maintenance is finished.
Thank you for your support and understanding, hope you enjoy yourself~
1.Darcmon Assisting Soul will be released in the bag.
2.Hanumon, Gawappamon Assisting Soul, Opossummon Assisting Soul, Sanzomon Assisting Soul will be added to base.

1.Finish the Normal Stage of specified times to get gifts. (FRI & SAT)
Requirement: Servers open for more than 2 days.
2.Finish Gold Challenge to get double loots. (FRI & SAT)
Requirement: Servers open for more than 2 days.

  1. Illusion Challenge Times+1. (SUN)

  2. Recharge to get Pot.16 boss weapon (optional) & Pot.17 boss weapon (optional). (FRI to SUN)
    Requirement: Servers open for more than 8 days.

  3. Boss shards exchange. (FRI to SUN)

  4. Bubblegum Machine: Darcmon/ Magnamon Assisting Soul. (FRI to SUN)

  5. Skin packs. (Angemon/Chaos Piemon/Firamon/Lucemon) (FRI to SUN)

  6. Consume to get Magnamon shards & assisting soul & Boss shards (optional). (FRI to SUN)

  7. Draw toys to get toys.(FRI to SUN)
    10.Terrier Blessing. (FRI to SUN)


  1. Illusion Challenge Times+1. (MON)

  2. Shards exchange. (MON & TUE)

  3. Digivice exchange. (MON to WED)

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