Hi Tamers,
We are going to have routine maintenance at Server Time 01:00 on 6th January.
It will take 2 hours. (If the maintenance time delays, plz wait patiently)
Time Zone Converter: https://event.dwtimezone.novelga.me/
Please adjust your game time~
Maintenance compensation will be sent to all servers via in-game email after maintenance is finished.
Thank you for your support and understanding, hope you enjoy yourself~

  1. Grace Novamon assisting soul will be released in the bag.

  2. BOSS exchange and Awaken shard exchange can be filtered now.

  3. New weapon will be added in the shop: Lovely Angemon.

  4. More outputs will be added: Guild Shop: Gankoomon shard and assisting soul; Fierce Fighting in the File Island: Piemon assisting soul; Cross-server Guild Shop: Craniummon assisting soul; Cross-server Mine War: Examon assisting soul; Imperialdramon Paladin Mode shards and assisting soul.

  5. Plutomon will be added in the Equipment Chest. (Requirement: Servers open for more than 90 days.)

  1. Finish the Normal Stage of specified times to get gifts. (FRI & SAT)
    Requirement: Servers open for more than 2 days.

  2. Finish Illusion Challenge to get double loots. (SUN & MON)
    Requirement: Servers open for more than 2 days.

  3. Gold Challenge Times+1. (FRI & SAT).
    Requirement: Servers open for more than 2 days.

  4. Recharge to get Pot.17 boss weapon (choose 1 from 4) & Pot.16 boss weapon (choose 1 from 4). (FRI to SUN)
    Requirement: Servers open for more than 2 days.

  5. BOSS shards exchange. (FRI to SUN)

  6. Bubblegum Machine: Grace Novamon assisting soul. (FRI to SUN)

  7. Gold Terriermon Blessing. (FRI to SUN)

  8. Skin packs. (Fla Wizarmon/ Flaremon/ Piemon/ Jupitermon) (FRI to SUN)

  9. Draw toys to get toys. (FRI to SUN)

  10. Consume diamonds to get Grace Novamon shards and assisting soul. (FRI to SUN)

  11. Shards exchange. (MON & TUE)

  12. Consume gold to get gifts. (MON & TUE)

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