Merge Server


Dear tamers, the following SERVERS will be MERGED at 2:00 am 25th August 2021(UTC-5)! Check Yours!
The rules are as followed:
1.Login entrance:After merge,players’ login methods do not change.They still log into the previous servers.
2.Arena:After merge,the Arena ranking will reset.And all will fall under the same Arena bracket.
3.Rankings:After merge,the ranking of B.Power,Digimon, Stage Star,Guild and so on will be merged and displayed in summary.
4.Digital Training&Challenger Tournament:After merge,Challengers and Trial will increased in rewards as both servers will be in the same bracket.
5.Cross-Server Gameplay:After merge,all cross modes will be represented by the merged server as a whole.
6.Bid War:After merge,bid wars will be stand alone and not affected.
7.Guild Battle:After merge,both server guilds will be fighting each other.
8.Friend List/Exploration/Purification/World Chat:After merge, these are combined as well.
9.Auto-Register remains the same.
10.Purging of accounts if below conditions are met:
①More than 30 days offline.
②Level below 20.
③No recharge history.
It lasts for 3 hours.

Please adjust your game time~

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