Hi Tamers,
We will not have routine maintenance this week.
Thank you for your support and understanding, hope you enjoy yourself~
1.Open bag to Siesamon.(It will start from Spring Festival events)
2.Open bag to unlock Meikuumon assistant.(It will start from 19th Feb events)

1.Finish the Elite Stage of specified times to get gifts. (FRI & SAT)
Requirement: Servers open for more than 2 days.
2.Skill challenge+1. (SAT & SUN)
3.Red draw to get Titamon.(THU to SAT)
4.Recharge to get P16 weapon box(choose 1 from 4) & P17 weapon box(choose 1 from 4). (THU to SAT)
Requirement: Servers open for more than 8 days.
5.Consume diamonds to get resources and weapon(choose 1 from 4). (THU to SAT)Requirement: Servers open for more than 11 days.
6.Wishing tree (Titamon). (THU to SAT)
7.Purification must see Titamon and get Titamon shards . (FRI & SAT)
8.Festival Blessing.(Thursday to next Thursday)
9.Finish the Main Stage to get double loots. (THU & FRI)
Requirement: Servers open for more than 2 days.
10.Spring Festival skin exchange. (Thursday to next Wednesday)
11.Spring Festival consume diamonds to get gifts. (Thursday to next Thursday)
12.Spring Festival Time-limited Challenge.(Thursday to next Thursday)
13.Terriermon Blessing(V15 plus). (THU to SAT)
14.Spirit medal series events.(SUN to TUE)
15.Sales of gift box for Genetic advancement materials. (SUN to TUE)
16.Smash golden egg to get gold. (SUN to TUE)
17.Consume diamonds to get shards & resource. (SUN to TUE)
1.Elite Stage time +3. (MON & TUE)
Requirement: Servers open for more than 2 days
2.VIP gift packs. (MON to WED)

3.Digivice Exchange.(MON to WED)

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